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Marine technology verticals by MIC

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Arctic technologies

Full range of technologies applicable in Arctic areas including shipbuilding, offshore and onshore infrastructure, ICT and IoT solutions, ecology, construction, marine resources, logistics and others

Environmental & energy saving

Technologies to provide and insure the sustainable activity on the sea and coastal areas, efficient use and sustainability of marine resources, prevention of pollution, savings of fuels and exhaust on the sea.

IoT & Big Data

Digitalisation enables creating new value and saving costs & resources to improve competitiveness in maritime industry.


AR and VR usage is growing in traditional industries and production. We look for solutions for production, education and collaboration, factory planning, assembly, security, testing and digital prototyping.

Passengers & safety

Passenger comfort and safety, on board experience on cruise vessels, safety in harsh natural areas as Arctics, safety and the comfort of the workforce


New technologies in shipbuilding, new materials and structures, digital and environmental technologies


Technologies of machine vision, sensors, analytics, smart vessels and port infrastructure, small auxiliary and research vessels

Robotics & remote

Digitalization creates new opportunities for application of robotics and creation of remote applications for marine operations.

Hybrid sources

Sources of hybrid energy sources, energy storage solutions, advanced electro marine vehicles, energy saving

B2C & B2B

Digital solutions for data analytics and optimisation of processes on the sea and on the land, optimisation of logistic chains

Offshore & Onshore

Port infrastructure, mining and natural resources, solutions for industrial and public infrastructure


Technologies for sustainable usage and development of marine bio resources, biomedical technologies